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Sharp-Rite Sharpener Kit

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Sharp-Rite Sharpener
Sharp-Rite Sharpener

Backyard Bandsaw Mills is the sole manufacturer of the Sharp-Rite Bandsaw Sharpener Kit. Temporarily Out Of Stock

  Sharp-Rite Sharpener : Out Of Stock

Now you can sharpen right on the mill!  Reduce down time by sharpening the blade while it is still on the band wheels. You can cut down on turn around time and still get an accurate, well controlled grind that goes down the face and through the gullet of the blade. Reduce steel lost from aggressive sharpenings and extend the life of your blades. Some of our customers report over 15 sharpenings per blade.The Sharp-Rite Band Saw Sharpener works right on the mill without the need for removing or re-adjusting the blade. Most users find that they are able to sharpen the blade on the mill in less time than it takes them to replace the blade. Why take the chance of the blade diving by trying to do another cut with a dull blade? Take a few minutes and you will know that you will not be ruining perfectly good wood with a diving blade.

  Sharp-Rite Setter : Out Of Stock

The Sharp-Rite Blade Setter is used right on the mill just like the Band Saw Sharpener .  The Sharp-Rite Blade Setter sets 3 teeth at a time, one left, one right and leaves the third straight. Slide the Sharp-Rite Blade Setter 3 teeth up the blade and with the squeeze of the handle another three teeth are set.

 Sharp-Rite Kit:      Each kit includes,

Durable carrying case ,  Sharpener with 7/8" pitch  for 1"- 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" -  2" blades,  Setter,  2 grinding wheels, 1 dressing brick, and instructions